Two Moons Over Mystara

The Adventure Begins...

The female ranger Gasha has always been very willful. At the age of 16, Gasha felt it unfair that all her male friends were being Sheared (undergoing a rite of passage usually reserved for males) and so she approached her parents and insisted that she be Sheared as well. She joined a caravan and wandered with them for months. One day, after days of heavy rain, Gasha was lost in a flood and rescued by a kind male elf named Nendir who nursed her back to health. She stayed with Nendir, who taught her fighting and tracking skills. They fell in love. Unfortunately, the elf was killed by raiding goblins and left her alone… and pregnant. Gasha went back to her family and gave birth to her half-elf daughter, Rhúnen.

Later Gasha married a powerful Thyatian warrior, Artorius, who had served in Duke Karameikos’ army then started a successful bodyguard business, escorting merchants traveling through the wild lands of Karameikos. They lived near the town of Threshold.

Her husband Artorius taught Gasha the fighting arts and she quickly reached the second level of skill. Her half-elf daughter Rhúnen, however, was an outsider. Her step-father Artorius was a good man, but had conservative and chauvinist ideas and was suspicious of non-human races. Privately he was a bit repelled by the “half-breed.” Rhúnen learned to be resourceful and independent, though she never lacked her mother’s affection. From the various characters she met in their travels, she learned rogue skills. Secretly, Rhúnen felt in her heart that her father Nendir the Elf was still alive somewhere.

With her husband Artorius, the ranger Gasha gave birth to a second child, Xeon, a human son 5 years younger than his half-elf half-sister Rhúnen. As a child, Xeon was always attracted to the arcane arts and learned the rudiments of magic from a seller of herbal potions who often traveled with them.

In their borderland travels protecting merchants, the family met with many powerful, evil adversaries, including goblins and bandits. One day a band of orcs led by a powerful wizard attacked their caravan and murdered Artorius and most of his men. The ranger Gasha and her children luckily survived since they were off picking berries at the time of the attack, along with Petya, the cleric, a devoted friend of the family.

After Artorius’s death and the loss of the goods they were escorting, the bodyguard business collapsed. In accordance with the law of the land, the bodyguards had to pay for the goods lost in the orc raid and this bankrupted them. The family hocked their last remaining valuables, but this was still not enough to pay off the debt. The merchants who were owed compensation hired a “collection agency” (viz. underworld thugs) to collect the money. The thugs threatened to take the youngsters as slaves if Gasha could not come up with the 10,000 gold she owed. To avoid this fate, the family fled in the night, taking off on foot with enough rations to last a week or so… and a handful of family jewels worth perhaps a few hundred gold pieces. These were their only possessions. The “collectors” would expect them to head down-river from Threshold, so they cut across the hills to the east toward the Hillfollow River, then followed the river northward. Ahead lay the village of Goblin’s Tooth which should be far enough away for them for them to lay for a while. They have heard that the village lies near the Selenica-Kelvin-Specularum trading route and gets a steady stream of merchants. Perhaps they can find work at bodyguards.. or adventure for treasure in the area. Hopefully, once they accumulate 10,000 gold they can return to Threshold to pay off their creditors and no longer have to live on the run.

Night is falling as they approach the village of Goblin’s Tooth. They have already run out of rations and have been foraging for berries and edible herbs on the side of the road for the last couple days. The whole party is very hungry and weak…

Goblin's Tooth, Part 1

While still traveling across the hills, the party witnessed a strange event late at night. As Petya the cleric kept watch, he noticed a shadow spreading across the moon. To his surprise and horror, the shadow seemed to be about to devour the entire moon. He quickly woke the others. They watched as the entire moon disappeared. However, after about an hour, the moon began to emerge from the shadow again. They had a feeling that this was not a good omen.

Lunar eclipse

The party traveled for another day and, as night was falling, they saw the glow of a village just over the hilly horizon. Soon they arrived at the entrance to the village of Goblin’s Tooth. After checking in with sentries at the front gate, they made their way toward the only building that seemed to still be awake—the boisterous Staggering Dragon Tavern. After enjoying some beverages, including a cup of goat’s milk, the party left to find an inn for the evening. On the way out, Rhúnen the rogue practiced her skills by picking the pocket of a merchant seated at a table in the common room. She managed to lift a pouch with several coins in it.

After passing the night in the Shady Oak Inn, the party spent a day exploring the village. They learned about the history of the village, including the Goblin Wars of two decades ago in which local heroes drove back goblin hordes and banished them into the Dimshadow Woode to the south. The party also found a trading post where they pawned the jewelry that Gasha was carrying (probably for a lot less than it was worth!) They equipped themselves with new weapons, armor and supplies at the trading post, as well as the local armorer. The armorer informed them that there would be a town council meeting at the Shady Oak Inn that night and suggested that they attend to learn more about current events in the village.

While waiting for the meeting to begin, the party met Jarbryn Redfist a female dwarf who seemed very defensive (about being both female and a dwarf), was easily insulted, and was quick to challenge anyone to an arm wrestling match to prove her strength. The strongest member of the party, Gasha the ranger, took up the challenge but lost the match to the strong-armed dwarf. This however (along with the fact that Gasha was another female fighter) seemed to warm Jarbryn up to the party.

Soon the town council meeting began and it seemed quite boring at first—a local merchant complained about price gouging by the proprietor of the trading post, and the priest of the local church griped about noise and violence at a local tavern… when suddenly the doors burst open and a ragged looking woman and her two children rushed into the common room. The women tearfully told about how goblins had just raided her home, stealing livestock and foodstuffs and slaying Otto, her husband. The family fled while their home burned. As the woman finished her tale, a couple of townsfolk hastened out to summon Sir Derrick, the local reeve. When Sir Derrick arrived, he immediately put the town on alert, adding further orders to double watches, post lookouts, and send armed parties out to patrol the village perimeter. He then commanded his sergeant to sound the horn that summoned the town militia.

Some of the townspeople clamored for immediate retaliation and the re-capture of the homestead, but the Reeve cautioned against this course of action, pointing out that the night is goblins’ ally. “Otto lies slain – there is nothing we can do about that now,” he said, “But the horn will summon the homesteaders within our walls, so all others may be safe until the dawn. We will serve Otto best by defending our homes tonight.”

The Reeve then turned his attention to the party. He approached Jarbryn the Dwarf, a friend of his, and asked if she and her companions would go to find out exactly what had happened at Otto’s homestead. The Reeve explained that it would be a few days before the militia was assembled and ready for offensive action. In the meantime, he asked the party to evaluate the potential threat. He offered them a reward of 50 gold coins each. The party accepted the offer and agreed to set off on their journey at first light.

The next morning, the party traveled south toward Otto’s homestead. They arrived to find a smoldering barn that had been burnt to the ground, but they were surprised to find no signs of raiding or looting. All the valuables were still present. The body of Otto was laid out neatly with a sword placed next to it. Some crude bindings and herbs had been applied to his wounds before he died.

Gasha the ranger was able to easily identify a trail leaving the area, made by about ten small humanoids dragging heavy sacks or something similar. The party followed the trail to the edge of the Dimshadow Woode about 2 miles south of Otto’s homestead. In a depression next to the Woode, they found that several goblins, including females and young, had set up a crude camp. When he saw the party, the leader of the goblins did not attack but rather stepped forward and said, in broken Common tongue, “Thrask knew hoomans come. Thrask not want war. Thrask’s people starve.” He explained that a “hizra-krontos” had forced his people out of the wood.

Jarbryn, the Goblin-speaking dwarf, was able to roughly translate hizra-krontos as “flesh-tearer.” Thrask described the creature as brown, hairy, and about the size of a battering ram. His people, he said, would gladly return to the woods and leave the hateful sun (which was badly burning and peeling their skin), but the hizra-krontos would slay them. If the party would slay the hizra-krontos and return to Thrask with proof (a severed left ear would do), Thrask would give his bone necklace, proof of his worthiness in battle and symbol of his rank as battle captain, as a promise that the goblins would return to the wood. The party agreed to help and Thrask handed them a small pouch, containing 12 green berries. “Mrantas,” he said. “Good when hurt.”

The party then entered the dark, forbidding wood. After a couple miles of travel along a damp trail, they accidentally triggered a pit trap (apparently set by the goblins for the hizra-krontos). Jarbryn, who was walking in front, fell through the camouflage cover and was injured by wooden spikes at the bottom of the pit. The spikes were coated with Goblin stool (yuck!) but fortunately the hardy dwarf did not contract any disease. In attempting to get the dwarf out of the hole, the party realized that it would probably have been a good idea to bring a rope with them! Fortunately, the ranger used her forest skills to braid some vines together into a makeshift rope. Rhúnen the rogue vowed to check for traps in the future. This, however, considerably slowed down the progress of the party through the woods.

Further into the woods, the party came to a clearing which seemed to have been the site of a recent battle. Carrion birds and flies were feeding on the bodies of several dead goblins thrown about like toys. The ranger found strange tracks, like those of a giant insect, leading away from the clearing. The party followed the tracks into another clearing with a strange mound in its center. Xeon the magic-user suggested that there was no need to check for traps since the goblins had probably already sprung them in the battle. No sooner did he say this than the party walked into another trap! A trip wire caught the magic-user and the cleric in a sticky net made of web-like material and held them suspended up in the trees. A grotesque spider-like humanoid creature emerged from the mound and attacked the party, but was slain by the party’s melee weapons and crossbow bolts.

Rhúnen cleverly lowered the netted heroes by slowly removing stones from the sack which served as a counterweight mechanism. The mound-lair of the creature was dark, but the party once again improvised with vegetation in the woods to create a makeshift torch which they lit to illuminate the interior (they also noted that next time they should bring a light source!) Inside the foul, stinking lair they discovered the bloated bodies of a half-dozen dead goblins wrapped in web cocoons. They also found a skeleton with a rotting backpack that contained several coins and a scroll that Xeon recognized as a Shield spell. He decided to write this in his spell book once he returned to the village.

Speaking of returning to the village… it was getting late and the party figured that if they started backtracking right away, they would arrive at the entrance to the woods by nightfall. No one wanted to hang out in these woods at night! As they moved single file around the pit trap that had injured Jarbryn earlier, they were suddenly set upon by a swarm of giant spiders that attacked the cleric who was taking up the rear of the party. Xeon was bit by a spider and felt a poison spreading through his body, causing his arms to grow numb and stiff. Nevertheless, he was able to cast a Magic Missle spell which burned one of the spiders to a crumpled crisp. Fortunately Rúnen and Petya helped slaughter the remaining spiders even before the dwarf, who had been in front, could run around the other side of the pit to attack. She seemed disappointed to have missed the battle!

The party told Thrask the Goblin that they had not yet found the hizra-krontos but that they would return the next day after resting in the village. They suggested that he accompany them tomorrow to show them where his lair was. Thrask was reluctant to travel with humans, but it seemed like he could be persuaded…

Finally, as darkness descended, they returned to the village and informed the Reeve about what they had found out. They volunteered to return to the Dimshadow Woode the next morning to slay the hizra-krontos so that the goblins could return to their home and no longer raid the human homesteads. The Reeve expressed his gratitude and gave them their 50 gold piece (gp) rewards. They decided to use the money to equip themselves better before setting out. They were tired and quickly fell into a sound sleep, though the night was interrupted by disturbing dreams about what a “hizra-krontos” might turn out to be…

Goblin's Tooth, Part 2

After a good night’s rest and an early breakfast, the party paid a visit to some local shops in the town of Goblin’s Tooth to stock up on equipment. In addition to a 50-foot rope, a grappling hook, and a few leather backpacks and pouches, they also purchased a pair of throwing daggers for Rhúnen the Rogue. After gearing up, the party set off for the woods once again to finally rid the Goblin lair of the mysterious “hizra-krontos.”

After traveling for several miles along the dark, damp forest path, they spotted a patch of brightness up ahead in the trees next to the path. Remembering the previous day’s mishaps with traps, Rhúnen checked carefully and discovered a vine stretched taut across the path. The party pulled back a safe distance from the tripwire and Gasha the ranger fired a crossbow bolt at the vine, striking with perfect accuracy and slicing it cleanly in two. Immediately the vine snapped apart, a swooshing sound came from the nearby brush, a cracking noise like splitting wood came from above and a huge tree trunk fell onto the path right where the vine had been. Whew! The party then checked out the light patch and found that 9 feet up a tree trunk a section of bark had been removed to reveal the lighter-colored wood underneath. The ranger inspected closer and identified the bark as having been scratched off by large claws—probably bear claws. She then checked the surrounding ground and found what looked like the tracks of a large bear. While some of the bear tracks headed north (back the way the party came), fresher ones headed south.

The party continued for a few more miles. They noticed the path was on a slight incline and that they were moving toward higher, drier and hillier ground. As the ground became less muddy, the bear tracks became more difficult to follow. Finally the path ended at a small clearing next to a hillside. The mouth of a dark cave opened into the hillside.

The party was understandably very cautious here. First Rhúnen sneaked over and checked out the cave opening. She found no traps and there was no activity around the cave mouth. Then the party carefully approached, weapons drawn and ready. They poured two flasks of oil in a line in front of the entrance then tossed a lit torch into the cave. If a bear came out, they planned to light the oil and attack it with missile weapons. The torch fell on the floor of the cave, revealing a 20 foot wide roughly elliptical chamber. Rhúnen again sneaked in and checked it out. The room was empty, save the mauled corpse of a goblin lying in a twisted heap. Another opening led deeper into the hillside. The rogue bravely took the torch and proceeded into the caves. If she encountered the bear, she would run back and lead it into the flaming oil. She found another cavernous room which appeared to be the goblins’ common area, with firepits and floors littered with broken pottery, furs and trash. In one corner were a bunch of bedrolls piled up to make what looked like a bed for a large creature. Inspecting it, Rhunen found that it had hairs all over it and smelled like… well, she wasn’t sure what bear smelled like, but this sure smelled like a large mammal. At the back of the common areas was a narrow passageway leading to what seemed to be a small throne room where the goblin chief’s wooden throne sat. Under the throne was a earthenware pot filled with coins. Behind the thrown the battle standard of goblins tribe a poorly tanned leather banner, bearing the crudely painted device of a jagged knife. Various bones, teeth and scalps, many of them human, were attached to the banner. But no sign of the bear.

Rhúnen returned to tell the party what she found. Rather than going into the cave, Xeon decided that they should camp outside the cave and wait for the bear. He cleverly took six of his darts and buried them in the ground pointing upward at the entrance to the clearing. The ranger, cleric and dwarf began to set up a rope and vine tripwire near the camp next to the cave entrance while Rhunen went back into the cave to search for some stones. At that moment, just as Xeon was planting the last dart in the ground, the bear came round a bend in the path and saw the mage user crouching in front of it at the opening to the clearing. Xeon immediately ran toward the others yelling “Bear! Bear!”


The rest of the party closed in for the attack. The bear rushed at them and trampled over the darts. It howled in pain as one of the darts stuck into its paw. The dart didn’t seem to do a lot of damage, but it sure made the bear angry! A heroic battle ensued in which Gasha rained crossbow bolts on the bear; the cleric held back chanting a blessing to improve the whole party’s morale and attacking ability; Xeon singed the bear with a magic missile and then unleashed his remaining darts; and the dwarf slashed the bear with her battle axe and took much damage from the bear, including a monstrous crushing bear hug. Rhúnen fumbled with her newly purchased daggers, sending one into the woods and accidentally flicking the other one backward over her shoulder where it narrowly missed the chanting cleric. Fortunately, this meant that the rogue could use her next turn to pick up the fallen dagger and throw it again, this time embedding it in the bear! Finally, a well-aimed bolt from the ranger’s crossbow brought the bear down in a great furry heap.

It was nearly nightfall at this point, so the party decided to rest in the cave, after giving some healing to the dwarf. They blocked the entrance to the throne room with the wooden throne and camped out there for the night, with each party member taking turns with two-hour watches until daybreak.

Goblin's Tooth Part 3

Having defeated the “hizra-krontos” and restored the Goblins’ territory to them, the party returned uneventfully to the town of Goblin’s Tooth to be greeted by a grateful populace. Soon life had returned to normal. They relaxed for a few days at the Shady Oak Inn while their wounds healed.

Suddenly the evening stillness was broken by the sounding of the warning bell —- the tower sentries had sighted something! Shouted orders could be heard over the clatter of watchmen exiting the barracks, accompanied by the rumble of wagons being pulled to close off openings in the protective hedge. Moments later, Sir Derrick the Reeve burst into the Shady Oak Inn, carrying his sword and baldric in one hand and a hastily snatched up shield in the other. He paused, quickly regarding the group. “I know you have no obligation to assist us, but you have done good service for our village in the past. I ask that you come with me.” Without waiting for an answer, he turned and left.

The party followed Sir Derrick to the West Gate of the town where they spotted in the twilit distance a group of goblins approaching the village. As the creatures grew nearer, they could see that there were only about dozen. Nine goblins armed with spears were escorting three others: one standard-bearer displaying the colors of the Zrisk-Horak tribe, another bearing a length of white linen attached to a stick, and Thrask Three-Teeth. Although the goblins arrived under flag of truce, the reeve did not order the archers to stand down. Unruffled, Thrask greeted the reeve, the party and watchmen, and related the following in his broken common:

The goblins came in peace. Thrask personally undertook the risk of approaching the town out of obligation to the heroes who slew the beast that was preying upon his people. He had learned of a danger to Goblin’s Tooth, and wanted to repay the heroes’ service by warning them. A strange creature had taken control of the northern goblin tribe, the Morak-Hrazzt. It was said that the new chief was a massive goblin champion, as tall as a human male, and was bent upon the utter destruction of humanity. Thrask obtained this information from the dethroned chief of the tribe, who had fled to Thrask’s court. Thrask’s scouts had reported that the Morak-Hrazzt were mobilizing for war. He feared that a second Goblin War was eminent if the Giant was not stopped. After being decimated by the bear, Thrask’s tribe lacked the numbers to do more than mount a simple defense of their own lair; they could never attack the Giant directly, nor prevent him from attacking the humans’ village. He would never assume to tell the humans what to do, but suggested that they at least heighten their defenses, if not send a scouting party into Morak-Hrazzt lands to see the Giant and his activities for themselves. The goblin scouts also reported that the Morak Hrazzt war parties were massing along the south and east boundaries of their lands; if the humans were to investigate, it would be safest to journey along the river, then enter the range of hills on the north side.

Following this exchange, Sir Derrick ordered that the town be placed on alert. All off-duty watchmen were summoned, along with any militiamen who resided within the hedge. A dozen watch-posts were established around the perimeter of the hedge, and pairs of sentries rotated from post to post every half hour.

Throughout the village, every door was barred and every window shuttered. A tense silence again descended upon the village as the archers took their posts. After issuing the orders, the reeve turned to the heroes. “This will be another sleepless night,” he said, “but I ask that you take what rest you may. If it pleases you, I would speak with you about our plight on the morrow.”

The next day, watchmen with blood-shot eyes summoned the heroes to Sir Derrick’s office in the barracks. They found the reeve, fully armed and armored, seated behind a desk. The Reeve’s sword, obviously magical, was thrust point-down into the desktop, emitting a soft bluish glow across the documents scattered upon the desk.

Sir Derrick asked that the heroes investigate Thrask’s statements regarding the Morak-Hrazzt. While he could take comfort in knowing the old goblin’s tale was at least half lies, the probability of it being half true demanded immediate action. He proposed that the heroes enter the Wildwolfe Hills on a reconnaissance mission of sorts; they were to locate and destroy the giant goblin champion, if he did in fact exist. Most importantly, it was imperative that the heroes enter and leave the goblin territory quickly and undetected if possible, for if the northern tribe was preparing for war, the lives of any human “spies” could be cut short.

The party accepted the mission and Sir Derrick, as an expression of his gratitude, gave them three Potions of Healing and a Potion of Goblin Control. He also gave them a map of the surrounding area and showed them roughly where the Morak-Hrazzt Goblin tribe’s lair was:

They would have to travel southwest along the river, and then south into then Wildwolfe Hills. After breakfast, the party set off. As they traveled along the river, they encountered a farmer driving a team of exceptionally fine oxen. His name was Cedric and he was the proud father of two sons, both of whom serve as archers in the militia. Since his sons had responded to the call to arms, he had much more work to do. Fortunately, he had his team of new oxen to lighten the work load. Laughingly, Cedric told the heroes that the oxen once belonged to a fool: not the noble kind that entertains kings, but the common sort you find in every village. The fool, or “prospector,” as he called himself, drove a wagon right across his alfalfa field a few weeks ago, filled with all sorts of provisions, on his way into the Wildwolfe Hills. As if his destination wasn’t enough to mark his foolishness, the prospector was headed into the deadliest area for miles without so much as a dagger about him to defend himself!

Not that it would matter much -— he was thin as a scarecrow and didn’t look as if he could fight his way out of his own bedroll, let alone survive the hills. Cedric could tell the Prospector was an amateur for another reason: his wagon. No self-respecting wainwright would have built such a contraption, and Cedric suspected the Prospector built it for his own use. Instead of being made of sturdy, level planks, the floor of the wagon was made of entire logs, each one easily 18 inches in diameter. he added weight would have greatly slowed his progress, and guaranteed that the wagon would be buried in mud after the first good rainstorm.

In any event, the hills must have taken the prospector, because Cedric found the oxen wandering loose a few days later, grazing in the fields. There had been no sign of the prospector since; Cedric thought the goblins either took him prisoner or killed him outright, since the Prospector was too scrawny to make a descent slave.

After bidded farewell to Cedric, the party continued along the river until they arrived at the point where Sir Derrick suggested they enter the Wildwolfe Hills. Rugged hilly terrain was disorienting: the north side of one hill seems to look almost identical to the east side of another, and in some cases only the direction in which shadows are cast coule tell you if you were still headed in the appropriate direction.

After a few miles, the party negotiated a ravine floor between two of the larger hills, small pebbles and rocks shifting under each step. As they rounded the base of one of the hills, they noticed their path was taking on a mild, descending slope. Moments later, a valley came into view, some three miles in width and about five miles across. Unlike the brown and beige tones that everything in these hills seemed to have, the floor of the valley was a verdant green; waves of straight reeds, tall as a man, waved gently in the slightest breeze. It was doubtless that the valley was considerably lower and wetter than the surrounding terrain to support such vegetation, if it wasn’t actually a swamp.

As the party debated whether it would be better to try and negotiate these unstable hillsides or wade through the swamp, they noticed some brownish objects at the edge of the marshy ground. On inspection, they found two wagon wheels, each roughly five feet across, at the swamp’s edge. Another wheel could be seen several feet into the reeds. While the grasses appeared to stand more or less vertical, there was an area near the wheels where they leaned inward slightly, as if a large animal entered the swamp at that point some time ago.

The party decided to go into the swamp, especially since Jarbryn the Dwarf and Gasha the Ranger, after surveying the steep surrounding hills, decided that it would take much longer to take the high ground around.

The journey through this accursed swamp was anything but bearable. Hours of slogging through stagnant, thigh-deep, leech-infested water was enhanced by all manner of biting insects feasting upon the party’s drier body parts. Finding no place dry enough to stop for food at midday, they gnawed upon dried rations and drank as they cut their way through the reeds. The sun began to disappear below the mountains in the west, and it seemed that their luck might be turning -— a low hill rose out of the reeds to their left, and while not especially inviting in appearance, it did present the only dry patch of ground for miles, and it could serve as a defensible campsite.

The party cautiously mounted the hill and began to hack away at reeds to clear a campsite. As they did so, they uncovered several bones, first an arm bone, then a leg bone, and finally several skulls. Gasha identified some of the the bones as humanoid, probably Goblin, and others as human. Holes in the skulls and fragments of rotted armor suggested that this had been the scene of a battle many years ago. Gasha, realizing that she had neglected to purchase a sword in town and that she was only armed with a bow, took one bone, a large human femur, and began to whittle it into a makeshift sword.

As darkness fell, the party set up a watch order and settled own to sleep. During the first watch, just as the last glow of twilight faded to black, Xeon, the first watchman, heard splashing sounds coming from the surrounding water. He quickly woke the others and they made a circular formation around the campfire. All except Rhúnen the Rogue, that is, who continued to sleep soundly. They waited, but the splashing sounds seemed to be approaching very slowly. Finally, at the flickering periphery of their torch light, they saw four human-sized forms emerge from the darkness. As the figures slowly walked up the hill, the party saw that they had the bloated, white-blue flesh of corpses that had drowned in water. One was missing a jaw bone; another had an eyeless socket; another had a gaping hole in its skull. The creatures closed in, moaning and clawing at the party. Petya the Cleric recognized these creatures as unholy denizens of the world of the undead. He held his holy symbol high and loudly chanted a prayer, but the zombies were not affected. The party engaged the creatures in battle. Rhúnen, who was on the ground asleep, awoke to the stinging pain of cold, bony fingers clawing into her flesh. Petya and Jarbryn also took damage from the zombies before the creatures were finally slain. The party then inspected the corpses and found nothing of value, except for a gold ring on the bony finger of one of the zombies. Inside the band was the encrusted engraving: “To my brother, Davis, for courage —- Edward.”

The party now lay down to an uneasy sleep. However, those that had suffered clawing damage by the zombies noticed that their wounds were exceptionally painful and burning and did not seem to settle down, but rather actual grow worse…


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