Jarbryn Redfist



Jarbryn Redfist is a practical, no-nonsense, straight-talking dwarf. Some find her refreshing, though others think she is just rude. Jarbryn is naturally skeptical, dislikes superstition and is suspicious of elves and magic. She enjoys drinking heartily, espcially dwarven ale. Jarbryn has a prickly ego and can be quite defensive, espcially about he status as a female and a dwarf. She is always seeking to prove herself, is very competitive and fond of challenging others to arm wrestling or drinking contests 9which she often wins!)

Jarbryn has a red birthmark on her right hand (hence “Redfist”) which makes her look a bit like Hellboy. She carries lute slung over back and likes to pull it out when drunk and sing dwarven drinking songs.

Jarbryn Redfist

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