Petya, the cleric, was originally named Peter. He was a long-time devoted friend of Gasha’s husband Artorius. They served together in Duke Karameikos’ army. Upon his conversion to religion, Peter took the Taladaran name Petya, turned his spear around and thenceforth only fought with the blunt end as a gesture symbolic of his intention to end blood shed rather than promote it. A pacifist and follower of good, he nevertheless sees combat as a necessary evil and is willing to do battle to protect the defenseless. As Artorius lay dying, Petya took a vow to take care of and protect his friend’s family, a vow which he takes very seriously.

A cleric of the Church of Karameikos, Petya fervently believes that sins stain the spirit of the doer. The individual’s fate in the afterlife will be determined by the amount of stain his spirit bears at the time of his death. These sins require ceremonies of purification (of severity appropriate to the sin) to cleanse the spirit. Following combat or any activity which brings harms to others, Petya can be seen to perform ceremonies of purification ranging from saying a prayer, fasting or keeping a vow of silence to self flagellation.

Though not a fanatical crusader, Petya nevertheless believes that it is the responsibility of members of the Church to bring the benefits of the philosophy of the “unstained spirit” to the unbeliever.


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